These are not the usual cosmetic products which are available in the market. They are known as cosmeceutical products as they are different from the herbal cosmetic products in the sense that they not only provide a cosmetic look but also treat the skin.

We are reputed suppliers of Herbal Cosmetic Products in India and abroad. 

Our Aloe Vera Herbal Cosmetics range includes Skin Care Products- Aloe Vera Herbal Scrub, Aloe Vera Skin Gel, Aloe Vera Cucumber Cream, Aloe Vera Natural Makeup Remover, Aloe Vera After Shave Gel, Aloe Vera After Bath Gel, Aloe Vera Hitbath Soap.

These products have natural sunscreen like properties; as these act as both cleanser and moisturizer. They are very effective in Pimples, Acne and Eczema. They help in removing wrinkles and also the stretch marks. They are highly effective in skin infection and irritation. They provide relief in foot cracks and smoothen the rough skin in hands and legs. There are effective in joints and muscular pains. They also provide relief in burns, sun-burns and help in removing scars and brown spots. Finally, they help in cuts, wounds and boils.

Aloe Vera Cucumber Cream is a good antiseptic for cuts & scratches and it works against all kinds of skin irritations including dryness. It prevents the skin from infection. It keeps the skin cool, fresh, soft and smooth.


Aloe Vera Hitbath Soap disposes off dirt and makes skin germ free. It opens the pores of the skin and makes you feel fresh. Regular use makes the skin clean, bright and gentle.

Aloe Vera Skin Gel prevents from harmful UV rays of sunlight, thus acts as a natural sunscreen protection. It is highly effective in smoothening skin after cuts, sratches and wounds. 

Aloe Vera Herbal Balm gives relief in muscular pain. It is highly effective in common cold. It gives instant relief in headache, body ache, muscle pull and backache.
Aloezone Skin Gel is excellent natural substance for exfoliation and for removing stretch marks after delivery for instance. It removes wrinkles and wounds while providing a smooth texture and feel. 


Under Hair care category we make Aloe Vera Hair Cleaner and Aloe Vera Hair Shampoo. These products prevent hair fall, remove dandruff, promote healthy and lively hair, make hair long, silky and shiny and are effective in other hair problems.