Nutraceuticals is a term applied to products that range from isolated nutrientsdietary supplements and herbal products, specific diets and processed foods such as cereals, soups, and beverages as per Wikipedia.

The IndiansEgyptiansChinese, and Sumerians are just a few civilizations that have used food as medicineHippocrates, considered by some to be the father of Western medicine, said that people should “Let food be thy medicine.”

The modern nutraceutical market began to develop in Japan during the 1980s. In contrast to the natural herbs and spices used as folk medicine for centuries throughout Asia, the nutraceutical industry has grown alongside the expansion and exploration of modern technology

We have a unique formula to blend the best quality Aloe Vera and other herbs either from our own plantations or sourced directly from the farmer collectives & reputed suppliers with scientifically proven substances that are natural, eco-friendly and health-friendly at all times. 

HITESHI NUTRACEUTICALS RANGE consists of the following products with the given health benefits:

ALOEVERA JUICE (PLAIN): Useful for Immune system, liver, blood; increases vitality, regulates blood cholesterol

ALOEVERA JUICE (ORANGE FLAVOR): Useful for Immune system, liver, blood; increases vitality, regulates blood cholesterol 

SAPTRAS (SEVEN HERB JUICE): Useful in diabetes, skin diseases, liver and stomach disorders; complete health tonic for immunity boosting  

KARELA JAMUN RAS (BITTER GOURD AND INDIAN PLUM): Very effective in diabetes and blood purification; rich source of phosphorus n essential nutrients
NONI RAS (NONI FUIT JUICE): Natural anti-oxidant, improves memory, regulates membrane cell function and enhances body's resistance capabilities  

TRIPHALA RAS (THREE HERB JUICE): Natural laxative, strengthens body's immune system,  useful in skin infections and liver disorders 
AMLA RAS (INDIAN GOOSEBERRY JUICE): Useful in digestive system disorders, controls blood pressure & cholesterol, improves body's immune system